Lighting, TV + Events

My Key Skills

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Using Intelligent and generic fixtures to create incredible live experiences, amazing worship moments and bring television to life. I spend most of my time bringing a variety of lighting systems to life at everything from concerts and raves, to church worship services and outdoor events. I’m also a competent operator using mainly Hog 3 and 4 consoles, as well as Enlighten Systems Helix, and Theatrelight NZ.

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AV + Broadcast

As part of my work with both ARISE Church and WhitebaitMedia I’ve had chances to build a working knowledge of Blackmagic Design video systems, Sony Video Cameras and streaming technology.

Event Production

As well as lighting I’m involved in large scale temporary power distribution, staging, truss structures, system design (power, data and network control) and also able to setup and operate sound systems and AV.

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